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gravenhurst / nick talbot's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
gravenhurst / nick talbot

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Gravenhurst interview [09.10.07 17:22]



ATP [08.12.06 15:50]

Thinking of voting for Gravenhurst to play All Tomorrows Parties in Somerset, UK. You get to vote on half the line up. Hope he plays!


You all are my only chance! [05.10.05 17:00]

This isn't about Gravenhurst (who I honestly didn't know about) BUT I was wondering if you guys had any music by Movietone (I CANT FIND THEIR MUSIC ANYWHERE?!?! not even on limewire). File sharing is wrong blahblahblah but would you all be willing to trade an album for any Movietone albums? And because of this community I'll now definitely look into Gravenhurst.

Thanks a lot.


Gravenhurst to play Primavera festival [23.03.05 10:08]

This hasn't yet been announced on the Gravenhurst site or Warp. It looks like Gravenhurst will be playing the Primavera festival in Barcelona this May, along with lots of other good bands. Good excuse for a holiday - if you're not already booked on one then like me! :(

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[21.03.05 17:22]

@ canaervan castle, london
(as part of 'the camden crawl')

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[22.12.04 02:18]

end of year lists are good.

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Borderline, London, 16/11/2004 [17.11.04 13:11]

I have been going to see Nick Talbot play gigs for seven years, in four different musical incarnations. Last night's Gravenhurst gig was the best I have ever seen. He was joined by drummer Dave Collingwood and guitarist/bassist/backing vocalist Paul Nash. This is the third show I've seen with this set-up and it blew the others out of the water.

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[03.11.04 20:13]


gravenhurst's 'black holes in the sand' mini album was released on monday...
and i think it's utterly wonderful...

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Gravenhurst at Lock 17, London [27.10.04 11:10]

Gravenhurst supported Sufjan Stevens last night at Lock 17 in Camden. I thought he went down pretty well - the sound was a bit murky but he got a very warm reception.

Nick is now performing his solo acoustic shows accompanied by an array of samplers and funny-looking pedals which produce those droney ambient sounds you hear on the recordings. This has the very positive effect of cancelling out the audience chitter chatter which has been disturbing most of his recent London acoustic performances. Black Holes In The Sand ended the set with Nick throwing off his guitar and kneeling on the floor to twiddle lots of knobs and generate a massive wall of feedback. It was a damn good show and you should try and catch the rest of the tour if possible.

Setlist went:

Cities Beneath The Sea
[new song]
Flowers In Her Hair
Black Holes In The Sand

The new EP Black Holes In The Sand, out on Monday, is absolutely stunning, featuring his best work yet IMO, and is only £4.99 in the Warp shop.

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[29.09.04 16:02]

gravenhurst (part ii)
@ bush hall, london

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see my friends
black holes in the sand

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