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Borderline, London, 16/11/2004

I have been going to see Nick Talbot play gigs for seven years, in four different musical incarnations. Last night's Gravenhurst gig was the best I have ever seen. He was joined by drummer Dave Collingwood and guitarist/bassist/backing vocalist Paul Nash. This is the third show I've seen with this set-up and it blew the others out of the water.

The sound was perfect, the singing was pitch perfect, and the loud bits or (or 'sonic elements', whatever) made total sense and worked perfectly, and were not in conflict with the quieter moments. The audience was awed and respectful. Tunnels was perfectly realised, I've never heard it done better. My girlfriend was sobbing in I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor. I was sick to my stomach during Entertainment, which when played acoustically is a mournful ballad about going to a prostitute, but with full band turns into an epic Red House Painters-style love song to a prostitute, with guitar that builds and builds and expert use of a full drum kit (think Grace Cathedral Park). Black Holes In The Sand was perfect and the feedback at the end perfectly timed and controlled. Flowers In Her Hair is my favorite Gravenhurst song but I think I've overplayed it so it didn't wow me as much as on previous occasions. The Kinks cover See My Friends was devestating, as was Diane. Nick eschewed the Telecaster he's used at previous full band gigs, playing a semi-acoustic Epiphone for most of the show, switching to the acoustic only for Flowers In Her Hair.

I was privileged to be there.

Set list was:

I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor
Song From Under The Arches
See My Friends
Flowers In Her Hair
Black Holes In The Sand
The Diver
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You are very lucky indeed

I one day hope that he comes to america, to see I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor would be leave me awe struck

My favorite song for sure
Dude he was in the US this year and last! Pretty much just did the NY/LA axis though. I thoroughly recommend streaming the live sessions he did for New Jersey radio station WFMU.

2004 session (includes unrecorded song Nicole and a rare outing for Hopechapel Hill) is at

2003 session (includes unrecorded songs Entertainment, Romance and Damage III (which I think he has since shelved) is at

You have to skip forward a couple of hours.
please :(
Hmm weird. I am English and live in Oxford but Gravenhurst reminds me a lot of Canada! Was on holiday there visiting family (in B.C) and listened to Gravenhurst a lot of the way round. Can barely listen to The Diver now without crying. Most haunting, special, beautiful song I've ever heard